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Reviewer Name: Paul Zon
Host Name: BlueHost
Comments: Well the first few days with Bluehost went well, and the features that this service provides are close to the best in terms of value for money ... then it all went horribly wrong! ... Shortly after I signed up with them (a few weeks ago) the server which was holding my account crashed, resulting in a fragmentation problem and a long period of downtime and broken stats. The stats problem still haven`t been fixed over a week after bringing it to their attention, apparently they have other issues that have taken precidence (sic), which is somewhat indicative of the general indifference to my support requests (sometimes they just don`t bother to reply). If a company has a good customer service, then surely ALL genuine customer problems should take precedence? ... Then I learn that people cannot send any messages with attachments to my bluehost account without having them returned by the bluehost mailserver, yet funnily enough, when someone attempts to send me a virus there, it gets through! Apparently some people have had good experiences of this company, which is why I joined. however I later noticed that one of the writers of these rave reviews bore a remarkably similar name to one of the staff there! ... Overall, very poor so far, hope it improves! ...Paul

Reviewer Name: Nucleus
Host Name: BlueHost
Comments: Plenty of space, plenty of badwidth, SLOW email downloading, at least once a week a few hours downtime, support STINKS!

Reviewer Name: g torregrassa
Host Name: BlueHost
Comments: Used bluehost for 2 years now. Always up, good customer service, and good value. Bluehost

Reviewer Name: Jason Mitchell
Host Name: BlueHost
Comments: They are definitely WELL worth the $6.95 per month and even more! I`ve been very impressed with their service, speed and features. The uptime could be a bit better, but I`m guessing it`s about 98%. Just a few unannounced outages over the year. Overall, I couldn`t be more stoked about a Web host. I run 30k unique users and about 20gb of monthly bandwidth no problems!

Reviewer Name: Mike
Host Name: BlueHost
Comments: I don`t know what happened to the other guys. I`ve never had a problem with bluehost. They actually have phone support which I haven`t seen with other hosting I`ve been with. No problem uploading either.

Reviewer Name: Brad
Host Name: BlueHost
Comments: Ive been with Blue Host for one year now. They are the BEST! Best overall and best value. Outstanding customer service. The company is always making improvements AND they are HONEST. A novice might find it a little challenging to figure everything at first, but once you do the number of features is unbeatable.

Reviewer Name: Sam
Host Name: BlueHost
Comments: Misleading advertizing: The $6.95/mo is for a 2 year contract and they don`t tell you that until late in the sign-up process. A 1 year is $7.95. Any term less than 1 year costs even more AND has a $30 setup fee.

Reviewer Name: Ian Bamforth
Host Name: BlueHost
Comments: Bluehost now provide 4Gig diskspace, 100GB transfer. They have been very reliable, abd provide excellent features for the money. Down-side is that they don`t provide full Spamassassin, just an emasculated version that cannot learn, and so doesn`t stop spam. If you viagra, dodgy software, or phishing, Bluehost is the one for you!!

Reviewer Name: Amit
Host Name: BlueHost
Comments: Bluehost is amazing. Their service is really amazingly outstanding. They go well beyond what is required and are always eager to help.

Reviewer Name: Trevor Stratton
Host Name: BlueHost
Comments: Avoid! A total waste of time and money. their support is non-existant. The people at are just interesting in getting your money.

Reviewer Name: Alex Yoder
Host Name: BlueHost
Comments: Like someone else said, downtime at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes to an hour during normal daytime hours (very unacceptable). Every time I ask for support, they say sorry, we try to keep the servers running. Other than that it was ok, but don`t use this host if you want consistent access to your site.

Reviewer Name: Koi
Host Name: BlueHost
Comments: I went with Bluehost because they offer quite a bit of space and quite a bit of bandwidth. I had only been with them for 12 days when I received a rather intimidating email telling me that I had 24 hours to take something off of my site (which was not illegal, not adult material or anything else offensive) but they did not state any reasons why or even what exactly was the issue. I complied with their request without argument (only an email requesting more info) and suddenly I noticed that parts of my site were not available on the web, even though the files are in my FTP. Because I had complied quickly to their demand, I did not understand why they were deleting things from my site. When I called Bluehost customer support to ask them why they were deleting files (including index.html etc), the representative became extremely defensive. I then told him that I wanted to cancel, he argued with me and became agitated over my request. I`m in customer support myself, so I know that if a customer calls with a concern, you need to acknowledge the concern and see if you can end the call on a positive note. I did not expect my account to be threatened with deactivation and I certainly did not expect a customer service representative to argue with me and respond so defensively to a simple request for more knowledge, particularly when I believe that he was attempting to retain my business. I believe that I never should have switched from my old host,, who provided far superior services (though limited bandwidth and space) Even though Bluehost seems to offer great services, the ONLY thing that I think is good about them is that they are quick with refunding your money back to you.

Reviewer Name: m
Host Name: BlueHost
Comments: I really dont like bluehost! It is the worst webhost I ever experienced!!! negative issues : - user account has million restrictions -customer service is horrible, almost no one knows what is happening with in the server -if there is a problem with your account, they usually blame it on a user not the server. I had to upload my website to another server to show them it work. Only after upload, customer service said maybe its us....(?).. well except one guy said i cant trust that it is the same source code !!! -shell is very restricted with commands -email customer service avoid questions and answer -webhost experience power outage, and bluehost does not have sufficient back up/generator - user dont have an ability to create a database.. you can only do it with a Cpanel (which really sucks)

Reviewer Name: Dillon
Host Name: BlueHost
Comments: I`ve been with bluehost for a year now, hosting 3 sites, one for my own artwork and sculpture, one for the artist studios and events i help coordinate, and one as a more general arts network pages for Sydney and Melbourne. Up until last week I`d had relatively few problems with them, their support seemed to be faily prompt when I needed it, they obliged quickly when I said I needed more mail traffic, and had experienced a couple of periods of downtime, but nothing major and a vast improvement on the Australian based host I was previously with. All in all I felt I was getting a reasonable sevice for the money. We recently restructured how we do our banking, closing down a couple of peripheral accounts to stream line the accounts. one of these accounts was the one that bluehost was billing. Unfortunatly, rather that do us the courtesy of notifying us of a billing problem by email, thus allowing us to login to our bluehost account and update the relevant information, and sending us all on our merry way, they decided just to delete my entire account, webmail, php the lot, and then not even inform me of this action - I found out when I couldn`t access my mail accounts, had to mail them through yahoo and wait 36 hours for a response. Being based in Australia, trying to sort things out by phone is not economical or practicle, the response i recieved was a very brisk sort it out with billing from a mister Jay Ward. Billing is now shut till monday, leaving me with at least another 2 days downtime, for me, the forum, several dozen artists that use our webmail, the mailing list and newsgroup etc. etc. I now have to figure whether it`s worth rectifying the situation with Bluehost, even just to retrieve the site arcitecture and mail info, which I`m informed might be backed up, or to just screw the whole deal and go with a more obliging host that has abit more respect for it`s clients, but face the somewhat daunting prospects of filling in the gaps in the sites (mambo, blogs etc.) and trying to compile a list and contact the various people who have lost their email accounts (numerous irate phonecalls have helped with this to some extent, but some of the crew are overseas, hard to contact and relying on their email).

Reviewer Name: Max Elliot
Host Name: BlueHost
Comments: I`ve been hosting with Bluehost for close to half a decade and have had nothing but great service. After bouncing around for a few years both hosting and working with various hosting companies I`ve settled down. So long as Bluehost continues with its great track record, I`ve no intention of moving on, and it looks as though they are doing nothing short of just that.

Reviewer Name: Bryan
Host Name: BlueHost
Comments: We`ve been with Bluehost for over a year now, and I`ve had accounts with them dating back 3 years. At first Bluehost was a fairly responsive and quality host, however those days are long gone. As it began to grow it fell apart? Especially in customer service, which Bluehost fails so miserably at, they don`t even have a customer service department. You end up dealing with their hit or miss tech support or sales, which love you when you sign up, see you as a burden there after. They`re the kind of company that leaves you for 30 minutes on hold if you call looking for someone to talk to that even remotely cares that their mistakes and poor management cost you money. Particular mistakes include unannounced changes to the backend hosting software which rendered the site unusable for over a week, frequent slowdown or flat out downtime and failure to notify us of payment for essential services that crippled the site and sent customers elsewhere. They can send me a dozen emails through out the year trying to trick me into renewing my domains through them, however they fail to properly notify us that one of the entire accounts was up for renewal and shut it down until the issue was straightened out. It sounds like a bad case of poor management and excessive cost-cutting. If you have a cheap website that isn`t reliant on backend scripting, or uptime, then Bluehost is for you. It`s cheap and has all the basic features, with a few frills as well. Otherwise, don`t say you haven`t been warned. In our case we have easily lost more money tenfold than it would have cost to get a superior hosting service.

Reviewer Name: Raymond Lutz
Host Name: BlueHost
Comments: I had to abandon BlueHost because they have unwritten severe limits on CPU usage. There is no way to tell if you are close to the limit, and then then just close the account with no notice. You should advise your visitor about this limit, and if possible, compare constraints on CPU use between the services.

Reviewer Name: John Breland
Host Name: BlueHost
Comments: Bluehost bottom line: my bad experiences outweigh the good. Quirky and unreliable. The user interface is mysterious at best, and help/support is almost nonexistent. You get what you pay for. Look elsewhere.

Reviewer Name: Brandon
Host Name: BlueHost
Comments: I am not sure why there are no thumbs up??? These people are most likely other hosts or are just VERY dumb. I DO NOT work for bluehost, but I can say that the customer service is always there 24 hours a day. Some of their techs are better than others. Try calling them to test the customer service or support problem theory. You will find this entire post a huge pile of shit. Bluehost blows away most hosts. SUPPORT IS THE BEST I HAVE HAD and I have had many hosts. By the way Hostmonster is the same company. Later losers

Reviewer Name: Kris
Host Name: BlueHost
Comments: The advertised $3.95 per month is a come-on that`s only available IF you can locate specific ads promoting that price. And, if I understood correctly, the $3.95 per month is only available with a 2-year to 3-year contract. You`ll most likely be paying $83.40 per year for the same service. Hmmmmm -- not exactly upfront about their charges. Makes me wonder what other surprises might be in store for the unwary. I haven`t tried their service so can`t comment on anything but their pricing.

Reviewer Name: Fred
Host Name: BlueHost
Comments: this is a test of 'some" info blah blah
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