Domain Name Registration

Buying Aftermarket Domains

Are you looking to transfer domain ownership? Once a domain name is registered what do you need to do to transfer domain registration from one web host to another? Read on to find out where to find aftermarket domains and how to transfer a domain name. Read More About Buying Aftermarket Domains

Finding Alternatives to .com

Looking for a domain name but the .com you are looking for isn't available?  What about .net, .biz, .org options?  What alternative domain extensions can you use?  Read on for pros and cons of registering your domain name with an alternative .com extension. Read More About Finding Alternatives to .com

Selling Domain Names

Selling your domain names can be easy or complicated. Read this article to find information on selling domain names on your own, or using a domain name broker to sell your domain names. Get tips on getting the most for your domain name. Read More About Selling Domain Names

Domain Appraisals

Are you looking for a domain name or already have a registered domain name you want to sell? Read on to find out about aftermarket domains for sale, how to get domain name appraisals, and how to buy, sell, or transfer previously registered domain names. Read More About Domain Appraisals

Subdomain Names

What is a subdomain vs. a registered domain name? What are the pros and cons of using a subdomain name? Keep reading to find out how subdomains work, the differences between a domain versus a subdomain, and how to register your subdomain for free. Read More About Subdomain Names

Reselling Domain Names

Are you looking to purchase or sell a domain name? Many domain name registrars will sell you an aftermarket domain name. Learn how to search for a domain name, have a domain name appraised, and/or transfer a domain name. Pros and cons of aftermarket domains. Read More About Reselling Domain Names

Domain Name Basics

The world of domain names operates in a unique way, so it's good to get an introduction to domain name basics before deciding how to proceed with registering and domain name. This article will be your guide for the fundamentals of domain names. Read More About Domain Name Basics

Why Register a Domain?

What is a registered domain and why should you register a domain? Can you purchase an aftermarket domain name that is already registered? The pros and cons of registering and/or parking a domain name. Read on to find out about reselling your domain name. Read More About Why Register a Domain?

Domain Appraisal Evaluation

Before spending money on a domain appraisal evaluate if your domain name has the attributes of a very valuable aftermarket domain. Find out how much your domain is worth with a domain appraisal evaluation. Keep reading for tips on domain appraisal evaluations. Read More About Domain Appraisal Evaluation

Securing a Domain Name

Securing a domain name, also known as registering a domain name, can be very straightforward or fraught with challenges. This article outlines the basic steps and points to some of the difficulties that can be associated with securing a domain. Read More About Securing a Domain Name

Marketing a Domain

How your domain name fits into your marketing plans should be part of your thinking from the very start. This article gives tips about marketing a domain name as part of an overall marketing approach to maximize the value of your ecommerce efforts. Read More About Marketing a Domain
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