Web Hosting Types

WordPress Web Hosting

Blogging has become very popular amongst internet users. Whether you are wanting to build a personal blog, educational blog, or business blog you should compare WordPress to others. This article will review the pros and cons of WordPress blogging. Read More About WordPress Web Hosting

UK Web Hosting Providers

UK web hosting is very popular. Compare hosting companies in the UK. In this article we review the pros and cons of webhosting in the UK. Find out what advantages you gain when using UK hosting providers for your hosting needs. Read More About UK Web Hosting Providers

Canada Web Hosting

Considering a Canadian web hosting company? Need help choosing a hosting company in Canada? This article will review the pros and cons of using a Canadian web host in comparison to other countries. Read More About Canada Web Hosting

Multiple Domain Hosting

What are the benefits of hosting multiple domains? Read this article to discover the pros and cons of multiple domain hosting vs. VPS hosting and how to find reviews on cheap multiple domain web hosting companies. Read More About Multiple Domain Hosting

Green Web Hosting

These days it seems like every company wants to be green, but what does green really mean? This article takes a look at green web hosting. Keep reading to learn what green web hosting means in terms of energy source, and what green hosting does for our environment. Read More About Green Web Hosting

PHP/MySQL Hosting

If you are developing a dynamic web page, PHP and MySQL are useful software programs to look for from a web host.  PHP and MySQL are common components of many web hosting plans. Keep reading to learn more about PHP and MySQL web hosting. Read More About PHP/MySQL Hosting

cPanel Web Hosting

cPanel is a Unix-based control panel for hosting web pages. cPanel offers a number of features that make it an attractive choice for web host administrators and web site owners. cPanel web hosting includes a free cPanel. cPanel has many features and is highly compatible. Read More About cPanel Web Hosting

Windows Versus Linux Web Hosting

When it comes to building your website you have the choice of Windows or Linux web hosting. This article will do a comparison of Windows versus Linux. Keep reading to learn how Windows OS differs and compares to Linux hosting, and learn whether Linux or Windows is best for you. Read More About Windows Versus Linux Web Hosting

Small Business Web Hosting

Small businesses that want to set up an online presence often benefit from choosing a business web hosting plan, which is geared toward the specific needs of small business owners. Keep reading for tips and information on hosting plans for small businesses. Read More About Small Business Web Hosting
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