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Reviewer Name: Prue
Host Name: Dot5 Hosting
Comments: Friendly staff but did absolutely nothing to get me up and running. After 9 days I still didn`t have my Domain name. Seem very disorganized. I cancelled and have switched to a much better run company who got me my Domain Name in about 8 hours.

Reviewer Name: Vince
Host Name: Dot5 Hosting
Comments: This is the worst web hosting experience that I have ever had in my entire life. I have been running websites for 7 years now. This is, by far, the worst experience that I have ever had. Tech support questions went unanswered, my database would go down for hours, the database would come to a grinding crawl, taking 2 minutes a query, and, my site would be down for days at a time. Their tech support number was bogus: it was some single guy in his basement, and he chose whether or not he wanted to answer the phone. My site was down for almost a week at one point. That was the last straw, I left. But, to top it all off, they tried billing me for another term AFTER I had left. Their entire billing and tech support system is so messed up that they regularly lose track of things. They finally refunded my money after a week of me screaming at them in emails. Worst, experience, ever.

Reviewer Name: Dom Goodale
Host Name: Dot5 Hosting
Comments: I just wanted to say a quick thank you for letting me know about Dot5Hosting and also a special thank you to Mike over on their support team transfered my site over for me in no time, thanks again. Dom

Reviewer Name: Russ Hollyer
Host Name: Dot5 Hosting
Comments: Terrible experience. My site was down at least once a day. I demanded a refund (within their 30 day money back guarantee period) but they gave me the runaround. I filed a complaint with the BBB but so far no action from dot5hosting.

Reviewer Name: Randy L
Host Name: Dot5 Hosting
Comments: If I could give negative 10000000, thats still too goood for them. In 7 years they are the worst I ever came across. They promise alot but deliver nothing. Trying to get my money back with their guarantee, what a joke. I had to dispute the charge with my credit card company.

Reviewer Name: David
Host Name: Dot5 Hosting
Comments: Possibly the worst customer service I have ever experienced. They charged me more than $100 for a service I wasn`t using, then ignored repeated calls and emails to get the charge removed. As soon as I explained the problem to the service rep, I was put on hold. Forever. They`d simply put me on hold and never pick up the phone again. Other customers tell me that the 30-day money back guarantee is crap. A money back guarantee doesn`t do much good when the company ignores your requests to cancel your account and refund the money.

Reviewer Name: Cam Flanders
Host Name: Dot5 Hosting
Comments: Dot 5 is the most ridiculous web host anywhere. the support is non existant and there is never anyone there to help. We continue to get mailor daemon messages to email accounts we know are valid. They say they are working on it but do nothing to solve the problem.

Reviewer Name: Cless
Host Name: Dot5 Hosting
Comments: I have used numerous web hosts, and this, by-far is the worst one I have EVER used. Their support is crap, and their servers are weaker than a pillow. I had three queries on my website, with almost no images, and the pages took six minutes to load... and, they kept suspending me due to some `server overload` with queries... there were only 3-5 queries executed a page, with 14,000 members. That may be a somewhat large amount of users, however, they offered things that they could not stick to. For example, before I registered on their crappy site, I asked the `support` thing if they would, at any time, suspend me due to query overload or traffic. This is the reply they gave me: We will never delete sites due to query overloads or traffic. . So, I registered... and guess what? Two weeks later: Sorry, you have been suspended. . Once I deleted the page, they unsuspended me... so it was good for another two days... then they suspended me again, till I deleted another page. This continued to happen almost every five days. I didn`t have the money at the time to transfer to a new web host, at the time. Anyway, eventually, I started getting max_user_connection errors, because they only gave us a freaking max_user_connection of TEN. It should be atleast 15-20... Anyway, Dot5Hosting was the worst hosting experience in my life, and I don`t recommend it to anyone.

Reviewer Name: Robbi McMillen
Host Name: Dot5 Hosting
Comments: Dot5Hosting seems like a godsend, although my email has been down for over a month now, and staff don`t seem to want anything to do with it. I suggest that, before purchasing a service with them you question the support team on how stable their service is. They also still use Wordpress 2.0, which means that your website isn`t safe! Try it out anyway, but you have been warned.
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