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Reviewer Name: Mike
Host Name: Dotster
Comments: Dotster is a great company and I would just like to say that I have their new web hosting, which is only $8.95 per month and i get 2gb of space and 50gb of transfer. Also this account can host up to 50 domains and have 150 email accounts. Now you cannot beat that with no start up fees and no other hidden fees.

Reviewer Name: Julian M.
Host Name: Dotster
Comments: I had a client who owned a domain registered with Dotster. The whois for the domain was incorrect and the client was not able to gain access to the domain. Apparently the Dotster reseller was not reputable and could not be contacted. I was asked to help with this issue to try and get access to the domain. We faxed in several official documents to Dotster to verify identity etc, but Dotster were not helpful at all and in my opinion, the support was not at all competent. Even archives from were sent in to try and prove that my client owned the domain, but to no avail. They would not update the whois information and my client lost the domain. Before it expired, the domain was signed over to someone else and is now hosting an ads page. I do not recommend this registrar.

Reviewer Name: Ken
Host Name: Dotster
Comments: Dotster`s uptime and website management applications are mostly just fine, but customer support is almost non-existent. The final (but by no means the first), most egregious example occurred when I reported a problem just a few months ago. After 2 weeks with no response to my initial support tickets, I resorted to daily new complaints, counting up the days since my original request. This went on for over a week before I even got a response to the daily complaints! And STILL no response to the original problem. Keep in mind that they GUARANTEE a response within 2 days. Then, when someone FINALLY addressed my original problem, they were unable to understand my clear, step-by-step instructions to demonstrate the problem. All I received was boilerplate responses, probably based on keywords drawn from my complaint, which had nothing to do with the problem I reported. Clearly my original complaint was either not read or not understood. It was also clear than English was not their first language. They recently upgraded to a new webmail system (Open-Xchange), which is completely unreliable. Logging in to Open-Xchange webmail succeeded about 1 time out of 20 (on a GOOD day), and frequently a successful login would time out within 1 (one) second. Technical support had no answer for this, and refused to even investigate or troubleshoot. I give Dotster a B+ for overall product quality (would have been A- before the Open-Xchange fiasco), and a solid F (is there an F- ?)for customer support. I am very, very disappointed in this company which, for me, is a local business. After several years of hosting with Dotster, I have finally moved on, and will be moving my domain registration at my next renewal.
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