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Reviewer Name: Jason
Host Name: GeoCities
Comments: Geocities offers several stuff like counters and everything. They have a very neat and easy-to-use PageBuilder that I used before I learned HTML. GeoCities is pretty easy to use. But you can never contact them, no matter what. On my site, there is a Line 2 Syntax Error. For browsers that have popup error messages, it drives them crazy. Their ads are fair because they are off to the side and you can customize them. Visitors can even close them!

Reviewer Name: Joan
Host Name: GeoCities
Comments: After 2 years (with minimal graphics experience), I have maintained what I considered an excellent presentation at GeocitiesFree. Since February, I can no longer launch java/pagebuilder. After all the troubleshooting, it's not ME ! Geocities just didn't bother to announce that Microsoft FrontPage 2002 is no longer available to GeoFree Customers. In short, there is no longer a free site. Thousands are disappointed at this poor business handling by a high visibility concern. Thanks for a chance to voice my opinion.

Reviewer Name: Betty
Host Name: GeoCities
Comments: Have seen several write ups about the discontinuance of their free web space - - - not true. They have changed their home page, but if one reads down the first column on the left, about mid-point there is a paragraph about signing up for a free web page. I did see some mention while surfing the area of a $10.00 set up, but didn't go any further as I already have a site and it's still up and running when I checked today. I also have full access to my file manager which another reviewer indicated they can't get at any longer. Would recommend this as the best free web hosting of any of them, despite the frame and single page ad.

Reviewer Name: Scary Pants
Host Name: GeoCities
Comments:  signed up for a free website at geocities less than 1 year ago. (I opted for a free site because I didn\'t make any money from the site) I list celebrity fan clubs and collectors for free. I was a complete beginner when I started and worked very hard to get my site noticed by all the fans out there. What a shock 4 days ago to find out that Geocities deactivated my account without any reason at all. My site is still running but I cannot enter my site, update nothing. My mailbox was deleted as well. The fans know me as someone who answers their mail in a very short time. I live in South Africa and faxed Yahoo a query as well as snailmail and e-mail them. Untill now, no response. I feel cheated and dissapointed. They could have warned me, many fans are now left in the dark. I am now looking into buying a domain and a reliable paid for website. I am afraid to trust another free space provider.

Reviewer Name: Loooking
Host Name: GeoCities
Comments: I've been using the free version of Geocities for two years now. Since their re-organization of their web packages, the free version is getting to be a joke. Previously, they would send you an e-mail when your bandwidth was exceeding the limit. Now the site is just disabled with a message. It is so bad that when I try and edit my pages, I cannot even preview it, because of the bandwidth message. I never seemed to get the bandwidth message so much before. Nothing on my site has changed, I think Yahoo is forcing people to upgrade and doing it very unfairly.

Reviewer Name: Nox
Host Name: GeoCities
Comments: ABANDON SHIP! After over a decade of existence, GeoCities is shutting down in the latter half of 2009. Yahoo has been slowly murdering the service for years, and now they`ve delivered the final blow. So long, GoeCities, you were a great place to be before Yahoo bought you and systematically destroyed everything good.

Reviewer Name: Maz
Host Name: GeoCities
Comments: I cannot find from your site, the best File Manager. Geocities has the best file manager that I know of, but they don't have smtp mail except at the $20 level. A big mistake on their part.

Reviewer Name: Jeri Warner
Host Name: GeoCities
Comments: I have used geocities fo a long time. It used to be a good free server. Now they want you to pay so any traffic that you get they shut your web site down saying you reached your allotted amount of traffic. As this used to be a good site it no longer is. Unless you pay!

Reviewer Name: Theo Ross
Host Name: GeoCities
Comments: As a non-profit organisation, it seemed a good idea to go for a free hosting server. To my surprise, the allotted bandwidth allows approximately one visitor to my site before closing it down for an hour.
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