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Reviewer Name: Denise
Host Name: GoDaddy
Comments: My emails are constantly being timed out by their server. For the past year they`ve given me the run around, saying it`s on my end. Hundred of dollar and tons of man hours and 3 top IT guys later on our end keep confiriming the problem is with Go-Daddy. Even with the test we send them for proof, they deny it. Stay far away from them. They don`t fix problems, you have to switch companies if you want something fixed.

Reviewer Name: Tom Sheckells
Host Name: GoDaddy
Comments: The $3.99 price mentioned does not show up on the site for the 200Gig service as implied. The key words here are up to and from . There are plans that start from $3.99 for 5Gig of space but the 200Gig plan is $14.99. I guess if you include the magic phrases up to and from you can just outright lie about what is offered. Be very very careful which plan you get. It is very easy to not get what you want/need.

Reviewer Name: Sean
Host Name: GoDaddy
Comments: I have been using hosting services for almost 3 years now. I spent over a month trying to find a web host provider, - I printed out comparison charts, called a few to see what the support was like - I called Hostgator on a Saturday and got somebody in a different country that spoke a different language - tried 2 out to test the waters - 1and1 and ixhosting. I ended up at Godaddy and really liked the convenience of their control panel and ease of use. As I added more sites to my portfolio - I wanted to update to a bigger plan - I researched and ended up at Godaddy and got a Virtual Server - now I have a Dedicated Server and still use Godaddy - but what I actually have is a reseller account with Wild West Domains so that I get a steeper discount since I own hundreds of domains. Plus I sell to others occasionaly. I even tried Hostgator but because I ran a couple of scripts that caused the web server service to stop, but the services at Hostgator was awful, so I moved the site back to Godaddy with the Server I was using. So, I stuck with Godaddy and will stay with them. If you plan to have several hundred domains, just get a reseller account and sell to yourself - it`s worth it. Godaddy is the best in the biz. MrGoodhost dot come - 1 Hosting
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