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Reviewer Name: Bonjour Unique
Host Name: InMotion Hosting
Comments: Although a fairly literate computer user, I was completely illiterate when it came to designing, implementing, and hosting a web site. After doing research on the Internet regarding reviews about web hosting companies I decided to call InMotion. I talked to the sales representative about the services they offered and it sounded like they offered what I was looking for. I signed up and chose their Business Plan, which would design, host, provide SEO, and give me the on-going support I would require. I was assigned a designer and was contacted by him within two days to discuss my web site. The designer was very professional and oulined to me what steps would be needed to implement my web site. We discussed my company and the market we wished to address. I sent my ideas, pictures, and the text we wanted for our web site to him and within one week he responded with a web page layout. After a couple more days of some additions and subtractions we had a terrific looking web site. It has now been six months since we joined up with InMotion. We figured out all the cost associated with our web page including the cost of my time and projected these cost out for one year. After the first four months our web page generated 11 times the projected yearly cost in pure profit. (After all associated business cost were deducted) The business we have generated from our web site is 95% in store business. Our products require a lot of attention to detail and personal interaction with our customers. Because of this we do not actively promote Internet Sales of our products. We will only sell to an Internet customer based on a non-refundable non-returnable basis. Even with these terms we have shipped products across the country as well as to Canada and even Sweden. The most impressive part of working with InMotion has been their support. We can pick up the phone and talk to our designer typically within five or ten minutes. Most of our changes are implemented within 30 minutes or less depending on how complicated the change may be. Their SEO support has been terrific. We all want to be seen on the first page of GOOGLE when a prospective Internet customer does a search. After six months we can do a GOOGLE search using all of the key search phrases our customers use and our company will appear within the first three pages. I find that very impressive. As far as up time we have never experienced nor have our customers ever reported a time when our web site was down. One more note I would like to mention is that InMotion supports a number of off the shelf programs that will allow you to personally access your site directly on InMotions server. This will allow you to make changes such as text, pictures, and even add or subtract keyword phrases for SEO dynamically to your web site as often as you like. Very convenient for sites such as ours where fashion is constantly changing. Bottom line is that InMotion has saved our company thousands of dollars in private web design development cost, increased our local customer base, and generates a significant amount of profit to our company. This by far is the very best ROI compared to the cost of local newspaper advertisement and local TV spots that are very expensive and continuously on going. Our company cannot ask for more than that! Thanks InMotion BONJOURUNIQUE.Com
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