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Reviewer Name: Lance
Host Name: iPage
Comments: First off, if you search Google for ipage reviews DO NOT stop and read any of the top hits. I get the feeling those are paid (by ipage) advertising sites. I signed up with iPage on a Thursday evening. I didn`t receive any email at checkout. I didn`t receive any notification at all that first night. Wondering what might be going on I got on the live chat with them on the next morning (Friday). Only then did they setup my account. I had already looked on Thursday evening to see if the domain had been registered. It had but it had all my personal information showing. I had paid the extra amount to have privacy on the domain. They did fix that later but why should I have to run that down. OK, they got me setup at this point. I loaded up my pages. Did some work for a week or two. I noticed the response times were kind of slow so I put in monitor over at the http://mon.itor.us/ site. The response times were all over the place for the home page (which did practically nothing). It was anywhere from 2-7 seconds. Terrible. After 3 weeks, on a Friday, my web server went silent for about 2 hours. I got on the live chat support. That person couldn`t help so they put in a service ticket so that a more experienced person could take a look. 2.5 hours later I got an email from the more experienced support person saying that the site was accessible from where he was looking. No explanation of what happened at all. That was the final straw. I found another host provider. The response times are amazing with them. Account was setup immediately without any hitches. bluehost.com is the way to go.
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