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Reviewer Name: Radio Gold
Host Name: iPowerWeb
Comments: IpowerWeb is for me- Forget the rest! I started building my retro site in October 2000. As webhosting was expensive at the time, I explored the avenue of free hosts. As a beginner, Yahoo Geocities wasn't too bad. (small pop-up, ftp access, and 10meg space) Early 2001 they removed their ftp access, and restricted users to uploading five files at a time. As many of you know, a mid-level website would have about 200-300 files, Try doing that with Yahoo's browser upload?.... no way. It was o'kay when I was first learning, but the browser upload was a killer. I moved to Tripod in April/May 2001 and at first had no problem. (reasonably small banner ad, 75meg space, ftp access, no file size restriction-at the time). As the site was used for a internet radio-station, it was only inevitable that the site would carry a number of pre-recorded radio programs. I uploaded my first batch of programs (15-18mb) in November 2001, and again, I had no problem. In February 2002, Tripod destroyed my site without any apologies. I sent numerous e-mails (40-70), and had no response. During the time I waited for Tripod to get back to me, I came accross Bravenet. (pretty much the same as everybody else). Bravenet was very reliable with good ftp access, 100meg space and 24-hour customer support) The killer with Bravenet was there annoying file size limitation. I must say Bravenet have very good extras like visitor stats, droplines for added humour, hit counters, and many little things we tend to overlook, wile looking for a good host. I kind of waited for tripod to get back to me, As all my website search engine submissions where pointing to my tripod-site. Six weeks later they reinstated my access, They gave the excuse of "remote loading" Remote loading? I uploaded my site on to tripod again in the beginning of April 2002. In the first week of May it was destroyed again. Tripod stated that I was forever remote loading. I couldn't understand what they were on about, as my server always contained a number of actual web-pages. Other priorities took over in my life and I dropped it for a wile. In October 2002, I signed up with IPowerWeb. You have to pay US$7.95 a month (cheaper over a two year contract), but I've had no regrets. Great customer support, no file size limitations, a whopping 500meg space (excellent), free www.yourname.com domain (if you take extended contract) and above all, the service is 100% reliable. I signed up when they were offering 200meg space. They upgraded me to 500meg, no questions, no fuss. 110% approval for IPowerWeb. I didn't like paying at first, but considering all the hassles with free web hosts, I would never go back. I'm not a IPowerWeb salesman, I just know the utter disappointment, when free hosts treat you like slime. I recommend to anyone who is looking for that perfect webhost, that's free, forget it, it's not there. Go to IPowerWeb, and you'll never look back.

Reviewer Name: Justin
Host Name: iPowerWeb
Comments: After one year being hosted by ipowerweb, I have to say that I am deeply disappointed. I found this website because I am looking for a better alternative. My website, mainly based on postnuke relies on MySQL and on that one Ipowerweb happen to be very unreliable. My website is down all the time. All i get is a MySQL connect error. When you try to call them, you spend close to an hour on hold. Some of the technical support guys are very arrogant. Also they promise you to fix your problem, but after a day, your site is still down. You call once again and you have to re-explain everything from the beginning. After more than a month with daily problems, I was switched to another server. Nobody could still tell me what was the problem in the first place. Everything went fine until now; the same problem has started again. I just tried to backup my website. I have used 1% of my 500MB home space, but somehow, the backup tool tells me I need 25MB of free space for the backup to work, so no backup possible. To make it short, if you have a static website, based on HTML only. Ipowerweb is excellent. The HTML pages of my website are always up and running. But if you rely on a database (MySQL), using postnuke for example, forget about them if you want to avoid embarrassment. Your visitors will have to get used to getting an error message on a regular basis, while trying to access your website.

Reviewer Name: brian
Host Name: iPowerWeb
Comments: I have setup 2 accounts with them, first time it was when I made a small website for a friend, it took about 10 days till I got the account running, somehow they always ask you to fax them a copy of your ID and visa cards. Same happened when I signed up for a domain for me, it took several days until it was up, first they asked again to fax them my cards or phone them to USA, then I scanned my cards and uploaded them to my web space to avoid the hassle of faxing my documents. When I got the account setup email, it wouldn`t tell me how to access the domain setup, it had their DNS defaulted. After a talk with their livechat support they told me an URL to access it. But then the domain setup was locked which seems a default after new domain accounts, so I was asked to email technical support to get it unlocked so I could update the DNS. 2 days have passed and it`s still locked. How can nr.1 host have such a poor support ? it makes no good when a customer has to wait so long for their account to get active or their emails to get answered. Next host I`m trying won`t be this one.

Reviewer Name: ray worth
Host Name: iPowerWeb
Comments: Two weeks have gone by and they still have not submitted my donaim There instructions are incomplete when you contact there service department they send back canned answers that have already failed the templates they provide are not customizable the text editor is from the dark ages.

Reviewer Name: kutre
Host Name: iPowerWeb
Comments: 2 separate support people actually lied to me 3 times during one incident that i had regarding one of their extra services that i was signing up for. Basically because they didn`t want to deal with it and i called them on it each time. The web hosting service is fantastic, but the technical support is very suspect and another site that i webmaster with other people they have said the same thing about their technical support crew blowing them off or trying to get them off the phone and not following through on support issues. given all this i still host 2 sites with them and will add another soon.

Reviewer Name: Jaz
Host Name: iPowerWeb
Comments: Customer Support from start to finish was bad. No reply at all from numerous emails sent, although eventually got someone on the phone at the beginning of the contract, problem sorted. I have no complaints about their actual product which i found excellent. At the end of the contract I had the same problem with contact through email about cancelling the service, no mreplies whatsoever. Thumbs down for Customer Support.

Reviewer Name: Joseph Grant
Host Name: iPowerWeb
Comments: I remember the first time I came onboard with ipowerweb, I was so excited about the features and its service until the complete website was shut down and the entire files went missing, as you can imagine I was so (ticked) off a total of 6 mos work was lost and $2500 went down the drain. Most people would have moveed along after that case but no not me , I was an (idiot) just like my wife said I was, because IPOWERWEB offerred me free hosting for one extra year free I fell for it. In this business it is hard to reciprocate your losses online because people can hide and not be accountable for their business, in this case their phone line was always busy to solve this problem. In this case I was screwed period! it gets better, I brought the domain www.ipowerwebdesigns.com from register.com about 2 years ago, I am an affiliate to boot and have been considering a partnership designing their websites, I do recall the owner by the so called name danny, who knows it changes rather frequently revealed to me he had spent $30.000 in online marketing so I figured this guy was a big fish. I started to build my site look here it is www.iampoetry.com/ipowerwebdesigns.htm im thinking you know hey Im gonna ride this out besides I am an excellent designer with 10 years experience. So my domain the ipowerwebdesigns.com was pointing at this website and they knew it, when it came time to set up my domain ipowerwebdesigns.com they started to scream copyright infringment for a website they didn`t own, next thing I know the url went pointing another way to their index file which is nothing more then complete highjacking complete theft! If you deal with these people you will lose your money and your chances of recovery will be zippo! Now I am stuck here with a software package a website creation tool suite and having no where to tuen, I am essentially stuck and broke! I am warning you if you deal with thiese people be prepared for the constanst apologies the busy phonelines, the nasty operators, and if you like club music which I dispise be prepared to listen in when you dial in for customer service because thats what you will really get when you call in, music music music music and lots of it. do business with ipowerweb at your own peril. God Bless the USA I still love my country but I am (ticked) off with this country that touts the word Ipower, and has the customer support and honesty of a snake. Joseph Grant www.iampoetry.com

Reviewer Name: Samantha Jennings
Host Name: iPowerWeb
Comments: IPOWERWEB is the BEST. Great SUPPORT and SERVICE. I have been with Yahoo & One and One. You can`t compare ipowerweb with any other host. My site has never been down with IPOWERWEB.

Reviewer Name: Patricia Hedges
Host Name: iPowerWeb
Comments: DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH IPOWERWEB. They are thieves. I chose not to renew my account with ipowerweb, yet they deducted $95.40 from my bank account without my authorization. After a huge battle, they finally credited my account $75.40 saying the other $20.00 was for the domain name which could not be refunded. Speaking of domain name, it was FREE, if you sign up for 1 year, which I did. So how could they keep $20.00 for a free domain name that I chose not to renew or keep. As I said earlier, I do web sites for others and I used ipowerweb for many of my clients. Well they done it again. I notified them in advance that I would not be renewing the website effective on the renewal date. They, once again, took $95.40 from my clients bank account, once again refunding $75.40 and keeping the other $20.00. They said that when you cancel an account the $20.00 for the FREE domain in non-refundable. I did not cancel my account, I just did not renew. So how can you be charged for something you did not purchase in the first place. My husband, who happens to be an attorney, is checking into the possibility of a class action lawsuit against ipowerweb because they have been doing this to everyone for years. I REPEAT IF YOU VALUE YOUR MONEY AND DISLIKE THIEVES, DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH IPOWERWEB !!!

Reviewer Name: ImSwitchingWebhosts
Host Name: iPowerWeb
Comments: They have a couple of neat tools, but my Web stats are broken and no support staff can tell me why. In addition to that, their support in general has been completely NOT helpful at all for over a year now. Im switching.

Reviewer Name: Cynthia McClellan
Host Name: iPowerWeb
Comments: The site had great uptime; however, the web panel, which they are so proud of was a bear. I experienced a problem beginning on 12/17/04 where the panel would not allow me to upload pictures to my site [as I had been doing]. After numerous e-mails with techs, it wasn`t solved/resolved. They gave me another link to go to for help...it recognized my website name, but refused the password, numerous times. I e-maile them with this info, and received no response. On 12/28/04 I requested to sever my relationship with them and requested a refund for the remaining 90 days that had been paid in advance. This request was e-mailed, snail mailed and faxed...to their president. I had to make a second request, AFTER contacting and filing a report with the BBB in Los Angeles County. I was informed after my second request that they would agree to sever the relationship and I would receive a refund in 15-30...want to take a guess? It hasn`t shown up yet, and probably won`t without legal recourse. I was so very unhappy with iPowerWeb. It`s beyond me how they continue to get such high reviews. But buyer beware....they only have a C rating with the BBB.

Reviewer Name: Joe
Host Name: iPowerWeb
Comments: The email system is always offline. It`s been getting worst as time goes on. Now it`s a least once a month. This week I lost email service twice, and my site once. I have lost email 3 times so far this month. This is just what I catch. I have had many customers complaining they can`t see certain pages, or can not access my site at all. Only to find out it is an IPOWERWEB fault. The customer service is OK, but they do lie to you. One guy tells me I have a billing problem. I didn`t believe it because my mail was down but I can FTP the site just fine. I called billing anyway only to find out there was no billing problem. I have lost email use for up to ten days at a time. Then the mail I was getting while the system was down was lost. They claim to have a better system called VDECK, but they want to charge you to move everything over. It`s simple guys move the sites over for free or lose more customers.

Reviewer Name: kimmybrooks
Host Name: iPowerWeb
Comments: We have been with ipowerweb for almost a year now and up until January they were pretty good and we didn`t have any problems but now, since January when they updated their program and changed our business website over, we cannot get into our website to change anything. ALL I CAN DO IS CHECK MY E-MAILS AND the company keeps telling me they fixed the problem THAT WAS 2 MONTHS AGO! and we`re still having problems and cannot edit our website.

Reviewer Name: Jerry Welch
Host Name: iPowerWeb
Comments: iPowerWeb goes down every two to three months for three or four days. During this time they do not answer their phone, E-mails, chat or support help pages. They do not post to the system wide notices on their web page which does not go down. I have had currently my E-mail down for three days and absolutely no help or contact from them. I have waited a number of times for over an hour on the phone and no response or promise of one. If you wish an ISP that is unresponsive and simple does not care about you this is the one.

Reviewer Name: Larry
Host Name: iPowerWeb
Comments: DO NOT USE THEM. I just called or should I say IM them because the phone support does not exist. They upadated the VDeck and anyone prior who is 777,000 people has to create thier website from scratch again. That is what the tech told me today. I spent 3 months building my site now I have to do it all over again. AGAIN, DO NOT USE THEM! GOD HELP YOU IF YOU NEED TECH SUPPORT!

Reviewer Name: Lori
Host Name: iPowerWeb
Comments: I currently have Ipower as my host! Unless you have nothing else to do when you need assistance from Tech Support I strongly using someone else. In the last few days I have spent an average of 3 to 4 hours holding for TS. Last night, after holding for 2 hours, I was told it would be fixed in 2 hours - before I could ask another question the support member ended the session. Now it is 12 hours later and the problem is still there. No help from Tech Support and NO CUSTOMER SERVICE!!

Reviewer Name: Scammed by iPower
Host Name: iPowerWeb
Comments: I signed up with iPower becuaswe I had expereinced some problems with Tripod in the past. However iPower turned out to be a bigger mistake that my ex-husband! I tried several times to cancel my account with iPower and the requests were ignored. iPower charged my credit card without my approval, in fact against my cancellation request. I called customer service and was told that my accounts would be cancelled and no further charges would appear on my account. Refunds were not possible for the transactions that were already processed. Next, iPower rushed through 4 other renewals charging my account within hours of my speking to a representative! I spoke to a billing supervisor who told me that cancellation requests in writing are not honored (!), my money would not be refunded and they had the right to process my renewals ahead of the renewal date! No apologies even though she admitted that they cheated me out of my money! I ended up disputing the charges, cancelling my credit card and filing a complaint with the FTC and the State of Md (my residnece). Stay away from iPower they will steal from you, admit it and continue about their business.

Reviewer Name: Anne
Host Name: iPowerWeb
Comments: I am in care of my husband`s website with iPowerWeb. Started off great 3 years ago even though I have to use Mozilla to take care of it. Now I find the site slow to update: when making changes to pages all it does is read stopped ; clicking and clicking don`t help. I can`t take hours changing pages and then have it NOT saved in a timely manner!

Reviewer Name: mark
Host Name: iPowerWeb
Comments: I wish I could give them a zero.I have had the WORST experience with this hosting and may sue them as a result. they screwed up my DNS, it has been a full week and they still have not fixed it. I have lost over $2K in revenue as a result and they continue to say.... please allow 12 hours for the dns. I will be calling my attorney tomorrow.

Reviewer Name: G. Fonthal
Host Name: iPowerWeb
Comments: Customer service really poor. All our agents are attending another customers message goes for hours. Their email servers are unreliable. Your email address is not in our lists of hosts (?) this message also pop up very often. Using another email service (@hotmail.com or @sbcglobal.net) the email goes thru without problem.

Reviewer Name: Carter
Host Name: iPowerWeb
Comments: Don`t let Ipowerweb host your site. I run a small message board with 50 users, and their servers can`t provide reliable service even to a few users. You will get multiple SQL errors if you are trying to run a message board there, and it routinely takes a page several minutes to load. I have experienced weeks of downtime in the past year as well, and the customer service staff will not help you with your problems. They try to sell you a more expensive package. As soon as is possible I will be moving my domain away from them.

Reviewer Name: Debra
Host Name: iPowerWeb
Comments: I`ve been with ipowerweb for 1.5 years and will not renew at the end of the two years. Regret signing on for two. Downtime is more frequent with weekly outages lasting for many hours. Customer support has deteriorated with ridiculously long hold time and inept reps for tech problems. Very often, if they are ill-equipped to resolve your issue, they simply put you on hold and never return! This happened to me on two separate occasions. Generous BW and storage and other similar features offered by other web hosts with favorable reviews. I will surely replace ipowerweb with one of them in six months. I hope I will not share the experience of one reviewer who was automatically charged for a renewal without authorization. Buyer beware!

Reviewer Name: Lori , Philadelphia, PA
Host Name: iPowerWeb
Comments: Files take forever to upload to server. Customer service is at least 40 minute wait during the day (try at 2am and you might only wait 5 minutes). Worse - iPowerweb shut down my site without notifying me because they found files stored in FTP foler (a user posted them). Tool over 24 hours and 3 calls to get it resolved (went to supervisor). If they had warned me, I would have gladly removed the offending files myself, but no notice was just unprofessional. There are much better choices available for hosting.

Reviewer Name: Tobias Schunck
Host Name: iPowerWeb
Comments: If there was a -10 rating, Ipowerweb would certainly get it. LOUSY customer service. Incredibly long hold times. Slow download times. Frequent Server Connection Drops. Incredibly long hold times for billing, support, etc. Hold times of 1 hour are NOT unusual. DO NOT USE THIS HOST.

Reviewer Name: John Craig
Host Name: iPowerWeb
Comments: Their service and e-mail go down often and they are not responsive in addressing the problem. We were out for several day`s last weekend. We were on the phone for several hours (total time) and the end result was is wasn`t their problem, it was something in the network. Calling Yahoo.com, they verified the service was down also from their interface. I am actively looking for another web host provider.

Reviewer Name: Bry
Host Name: iPowerWeb
Comments: When I first signed up they were great. Now - with every little thing that happens (including botched server transfers and upgrades) you are either faced with over an hour on hold (and then told to submit an email) or to do the live chat - which after 5-9 times has averaged well over 45 minutes before a human helps me. Its bad but not sure where to go....perhaps back to carrier pidgeons. I will say that I am no stranger to hosting and was a sales exec for an ISP and at Microsoft so I do know a little about technology and usually cut folks a big break. But that said its still 5 thumbs down.

Reviewer Name: Stephen
Host Name: iPowerWeb
Comments: Absolutely incompetent as far as dealing with customer enquiries and complaints. This recent changeover to a new system has been a debacle as far as I am concerned. My website hasn`t functioned properly for weeks, and I haven`t been able to access the webuilder tools...not that that would help - as that too seems to be malfunctioning. Generic responses that eventually come back are invariably unspecific and indicate a laisse-faire attitude to the paying customer. I am moving my sites away from them as soon as I can find a reliable service..
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