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Reviewer Name: Florin M
Host Name: IX Webhosting
Comments: ixwebhosting is a terrific experience. my websites are offline more than 3hours/day in last 10 days. Now I waited 1 hour on live chat . No one cares. No reply. Nothing. Waste of time and money! Florin

Reviewer Name: Alan
Host Name: IX Webhosting
Comments: They lost all my data!!! According to their tech support, a power surge at their datacenter wiped out the SQL database running our on-line store. The power surge took out both the production and backup servers. Huh? Only a single backup? What happened to UPS protection, multiple/redundant backups, off-line storage and off-site storage? Seems like basic data protection to me... They tout reliability on their web site to no end -- but at this point it seems like advertising hype, not reality. Hundreds and hundreds of man-hours down the tubes... Arrrgh! A little beside the point, but their website also said they have a self-built and self-managed Data Center and Call Facility in the Midwest (Hopkinsville, KY) , but none of the contacts I`ve had over the past year have been with native English speakers. For your amusement, here`s the exact text of the tech support response: ------------------ Dear (yup, they forgot to paste in my name) We are extremely apologize for this unacceptable situation which took place recently. There was a major powersurge in the datacenter and we lost many backup servers and some production servers. We have already restored all production servers and have set up new backups servers, but mysql15 is among one that lost both production and backup machine. We basically recreated it from scratch, and recovered server structure, which means that empty databases and mysql usernames exist on your hosting account control panel. Unfortunately, experts that were hired have not found way to recover lost data. We can assure you that this will never happen again as we have taken certain measures already to prevent this kind of accidents from happening in future, e.g starting from Monday we will set brand new backup system which will allow to have backups on remote site. I am extremely sorry, that this let you and your business down so much. In case you have a backup copy of your database at your disposal you may restore it to the target database or upload it through ftp to your account and let us know what database to restore. We will gladly process your request. Please accept my personal apologies about this issue, and we are very grateful to you for your patience and understanding in advance.

Reviewer Name: Erico
Host Name: IX Webhosting
Comments: I am using IX Web Hosting for less a year, but it is enough time to see that they are a great hosting service. Every time I requested a support, they replied very fast. I recommend them.

Reviewer Name: Jon
Host Name: IX Webhosting
Comments: First of all, anyone that is hosting websites and not keeping updated backups could be considered somewhat naive and a bit moronic. Relying on a host that you pay $5 a month to keep backups is somewhat silly. They even inform their customers that they are responsible for keeping backups. Redundancy is not offered by this company. If this is what you desire, you might want to look at dedicated hosting. Does anyone know of a shared host that offers redundancy? Whoever said their support was not American must have never called in to the tech support. Their call representatives are all English-speaking, southern people. They are very friendly and usually will go above and beyond in every situation. The last company I was with had all Indian support. Imagine the difficulty of explaining a technical problem with a language barrier! And anyone that is complaining about not being called first because of a script is silly. You want them to wait while to get a hold of YOU while a script on your site overloads the server I am on and ALL my sites are down. Welcome to shared hosting, buddy. Also, I asked about the security information because that one post had me concerned. It turns out that employees only have access to the last 4 of the credit card. You can`t do anything with that.

Reviewer Name: Therron Brown
Host Name: IX Webhosting
Comments: Used them for simple web. No too bad. There email services are horrible. Constant problems. Had no spam filter althogh they aree installing now. Mail is not there strong point. Everytime I opened a support ticket they acted like I was the cause of the tecnical difficulty.

Reviewer Name: Dimitris
Host Name: IX Webhosting
Comments: Used to be fast and reliable with lots of features offered on the pro package for a really good price. Since April 2008, service is slow to non-existent. My MySQL-driven sites won`t load or will load so slowly, visitors die of old age or boredom. Connection timeouts, disks full, emails delayed. When I create a ticket, they tell my to contact Live Chat. When I contact Live Chat they tell me to create a ticket.

Reviewer Name: CW
Host Name: IX Webhosting
Comments: Guarantee (?) 99% uptime - reality 95% and less over the past 8 months on my sites. No redundant power supply - out for almost a day. Server crashed 41.5 hours ago - STILL NOT online. BS tech service in Kentucky with no access to the techs in the hardware room in Ohio. Trouble tickets response very slow and comes from a service office in the Ukraine who give canned responses. NO monitoring of hardware regardless of what they tell you. No pro active customer support. This host wouldn`t be worth the experience if they had paid me to use them!

Reviewer Name: Shiekh
Host Name: IX Webhosting
Comments: BAD.. I first started using the service about 3 years ago, and things were good then. Now (jan 2010) its worse than horrible. Now all my sites are go down at random, and generally everything is slow to a grind. They kept signing up people, but left the servers to rot. If you haven`t already signed in, dont. Their service is bad for business and reputation.

Reviewer Name: jeremy
Host Name: IX Webhosting
Comments: I was with ix webhosting for a little over 2 years. I found there technical help personnel very helpful and my issues always resolved. What really sets this host apart as a complete trainwreck is the billing department is over seas and you cannot talk to any one. You talk to the technical help and they enter your statement into a translator and that gets sent to who knows where. I had a isssue where i was double charged, so i stopped payment on the seconde charge. They froze my whole account, domain, everything. I have spent nearly 3 hours on the phone trying to get the issue resolved and have given up. I am just stuck in limbo, if it was a bigger issue i would hire an attorney, but it was just a side project. All my files and domain name forever gone to the hands of a company cheapscaping on there biling. I HIGHLY ADVISE AGAINST USING THIS COMPANY.
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