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Reviewer Name: Betrayed customer
Host Name: JustHost
Comments: The UNLIMITED stuff is just a lie for marketing purposes. 1) If you have more than 50000 inodes your account will be suspended. (Inodes means files, emails, whatever. Problem is that the system is creating by himself all this bulk. You think you have 20-30 of pages and instead your home folder is full of bulk and unnecessary files) 2) You may not send more than 500 emails per hour (using ,of course, a script) If you violate this rule then they`ll be forced to suspend your account. So, for a serious hoster I advise you to look elsewhere. The customer support is OK, but this doesnt help you in these situations.

Reviewer Name: Alexei
Host Name: JustHost
Comments: In spite of the fact that for justhost.com very attractive tariffs, we have been forced to leave, since it carries on itself more than dishonourably (steals money).

Reviewer Name: Dale Hardy
Host Name: JustHost
Comments: ***First off be sure to read the very bottom paragraph, you will love it! Not a good time to email someone while writing a review and proving my own point! I have been a web designer since 1998. I thought I give a go on checking out other hosting companies since our company has been growing rapidly. I heard so many good reviews on Justhost so I gave them a try. Bad mistake! Control panel seems simple enough, until you get into what should be simple turn into a maze of ads. I do a lot of data basing sites and found myself with little or no control over the most basic things to run a simply data basing site. You think if you open the domain manager you would get a list of all your domains and the controls like DNS, forwarding, etc., nope just a page saying Buy more domains now or something like that. I couldnt even find the domain list. I thought that was what the domain manager was there for? Guess not. Also hosting was slower, uploading and downloading. After realizing how difficult it was to get around I decided it would cost me more money running thru a maze. But my troubles just began! Oh try canceling an account, THEY DO NOT MAKE IT EASY!!! I looked everywhere on how to cancel, no luck. I had to ask the online rep where it was located. He tells me No cancel button, haft to email them to cancel. Then he rudely terminates the chat when I was still typing for other answers to questions that I had! Of course they send email after email trying to get you to stay. I heard of being persistent but when you are expert on web development, WE KNOW WHAT WE WANT! It starts off like this; I sent an email to cancel 3 times and no luck after 3 weeks later, kinda my fault since I didnt know I had to babysit them to make sure they did what professional people should do, THEIR JOB! Then I got charged again and had to get nasty and call my credit card to step in. Then it really gets good, I called my credit card company (CCC), they advised me to report it lost or stolen??? HUH are you kidding me. How much is that? Just $35 and no card for 5-7 days and thats getting it fast! So I haft to spend more money just to keep justhost for tapping my credit card or take the chance that they wont and could be back at square one again!!! Can we say Highway robbery!!! Of course I had to ask why, so the CCC told me since I agreed to an annual payment from justhost to keep tapping my account. Wow what a way to protect the consumer! Makes you wonder how much a company like justhost racks up with this knowledge! Finally after 3 weeks and $7.95 shorter in my account they finally send an email with the steps to cancel my account. After numerous emails, when you go through the online step by step procedure. All the way up just before the final button with an ad WE WILL GIVE YOU ALL THIS FOR FREE IF YOU STAY!!! I made it yay! But wait! It gets better. Now, To this day I might add! Im still fighting after 5 emails to transfer my domain to the new registar. That began a few days after I was deducted the last $7.95 from my account. This I can quote Hi, so you should receive EPP key within 8 hours. Thank you. Then I reply back No I still have not received it, please send again. I get a day later Hi, I`ve just resent EPP key to *****@newglobalventures.com. Do you have access to this email? It will be delivered within 8 hours. Thank you. -- Kind regards, . Of course I get emails all day long at this address, IM THE PRESIDENT OF THE COMPANY! So I forward justhost the automated reply and test message from my own email. Back and forth this goes for over a week now. So off I go to report them to the BBB. Oh joy just what I want to spend my time doing. Really after all this drama, Im scare to death to even try another hosting company. I have little time as it is then to fight a company to get something done that should be very simple to do. OH as I was typing this review I received this email: Hi, Please clarify, do you get your EPP key? Looking forward to hearing from you. LOL its becoming a story for the LATE NIGHT SHOW! Wish you all well and I hope I steered some of you from a major headache. Thanks, Dale Hardy New Global Ventures

Reviewer Name: Ken Usmar
Host Name: JustHost
Comments: Abysmal. The website shows a price of $4.45 per month yet when you sign up you find you are charged $5.95 per month becuase it fails to tell you before you sign that you only get that deal for four years. It is quite rich that they advertise prominently `no hideen fees`. Then when I signed up I found they had added and charged me for two services I had rejected during the signing up process. I spent the entire afternoon sending and receiving emails and in live chat trying to get a refund on the unwanted services. Eventually when I still had no resolution by the next day I cancelled the entire service. I am still awaiting a refund. Don`t trust these people!!!

Reviewer Name: John Fredrick Damico
Host Name: JustHost
Comments: Slow web server but you can buy up, slow service,but you can buy up, website unavailable again today all feaking day! I have not been able to access the site to upload, can`t even see my web page anymore.
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