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Reviewer Name: Dan
Host Name: PacificHost
Comments: I am an existing customer of Pacific Host and only after 2 months I know they suck! My previous experiance with hosting companies has been really good currently still having a website at (very solid uptime and has good support for small businesses and personal website hosting). The other experience was with for a major DB driven website and they were awesome and handled mostly everything i needed to do to get the site running! As far as hosting it is severely lacking in: telephone response - the phone was bussy 14 out of 15 calls that i made to the company and when i did get support i got very stupidly scripted answers and the person obviously had no idea what they were saying! (suggestion: if you know your phone is busy 99% of the time get another phone number that will actually conect your customers to someone) Email Response - I would get responses to my customer tickets on average 1-3 days later! (that is not email support!) These responses were very short and stupidly scripted responses or so it seemed! Sever uptime - the webserver that my site was on had horrible response time! I would load the site in 2 different cities on 2 different computers and the response was bad at the first loaction taking 30-50 second to load the home page - HORRIBLE! I made numorious complaints because my site was just down! after the 5th time in 2 weeks, I asked them to move me to a new server. 3 days later they responded to my request and said it would be done when they had time. The next day it was done! At this point i was expecting to have a normal servers response and it was a touch better when it was accessible but still not a normal servers response! Yet again my site was down on the new server (yes i renamed the nameservers to point to the right server and yes it was pointing to the new server). After this I contacted them for a refund to see how what package i had and decided to re evaluate my hosting package! I started with the basic plan with the advanced option - this was probly to low of a package to meet my expectations of server response time. So I upgraded to the premium business hosting plan. So they contacted me and told me they would have to move my site yet again to an even newer server - UG! So the next day they contacted me and siad it was moved so I changed the name dervers and checked the site - it was up this time! It did load somewhat normally with a somewhat normal response time! I was totally excited and hoped it continued - so about an hour later I showed a friend the site and that it was up and - BAMMO THE SITE WAS DOWN AND NON RESPONSIVE FOR OVER AN HOUR! Lets just say that was the last straw - although i still have about 20 days till my 1st month of hosting will expire on the new business class server, I already have a new host picked out and I am very excited to move to after reading all the many many great review from major eccommerce business owners on the web! Do yourself a favor and save yourself allllllllllllll the frustration I went through and choose another host. I made a video of me typing this blog post and soon it will go viral so the whole world will know PACIFIC HOST SUCKS!
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