Blogger vs. Wordpress

Wordpress or Blogger? Find the details of which blog host or blog software you should use: Blogger vs. Wordpress. and reviews and ratings for your next blog. Pros and Cons of Blogger and Pros and Cons of Wordpress.


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Today we're comparing Blogger vs. Wordpress.  These are two of the blogging industry titans and we've matched them up head to head. First, we'll cover the pros of each and then we'll get into the cons of each in a later article.

Pros of Blogger (Blogspot)-

  • It's run by Google so you know it's not going anywhere. They have billions of dollars to invest in technology! They won't be going out of business anytime soon - so you know your blog/journal will be safe with them.
  • Blogger allows you to integrate with other Google Account tools such as Google Adsense. This allows you to make money with your blog without having to know anything about the online advertising business.
  • Tons of widgets - Blogger offers widgets that you can add to your blog. There are hundreds of widgets that various people have developed and they are all free of charge to use and easy to plug into your blogger blog.
  • It's so easy! These guys know a thing or two about what people want out of a blog. They know that the average user has no idea about html code, php, or database programming experience. So they give you a one click option after login to begin typing. All you have to do is type in the title - then type in the body. The labels/tags are optional, but it's helpful for people who want to find similar posts on your blog.
  • You can have many blogger blogs and it's free! There is no limit to the number of blogs you have on the blogspot domain. This is a nice feature in contrast to some other free blogging services. Some people we know have 50+ blogs.
  • Google love their own services so it spiders well in the search engines and they also like the URL of blogspot. So if you do nothing else besides post on your blog you could get Google search traffic because it could rank well if you have well written posts with great content.
  • You can add a domain to your blog - through the CNAME records of your domain name- you can point to your Blogger blog. This is really easy to do. We'll discuss the con to this later in the post.

Pros of WordPress-

  • First we have to differentiate the WordPress blogs - One is a free hosted service while the other is the software download. The hosted service is located on while the software dowload is run off We'll be talking about the software.
  • We love that it's easy to use, but extremely robust - much like the downloaded software.
  • You can have multiple blogs on WordPress as well - just like Blogger.
  • If you write good posts and follow the guidelines - you can get good traffic from tag searches. When you post an entry - they allow your post to be found by the tags on a global tagging system. This enables anyone to click on a tag and view all recent posts. This is also good for links because the links are in the RSS feed of that tag.  - Be Careful though - this is not to be abused. It's just so others can find your blog. If you get too spammy - they will kick you out of the tag searches and for good reason!
  • Cheap upgrade to add a domain to your blog. $15/year adds a domain name to your blog and removes ads.
  • They are "almost" ad free. They only display ads to certain users - they use google adsense and they are non-intrusive. They don't show up to everyone and if you own the account - it will most likely not show up for you either. They almost always show up if the referring site is a search engine.

In our next article we'll be posting the cons of each of these services where you can find more on Wordpress vs. Blogger.

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