Changing Face of Web Hosting

The changing face of web hosting in the way hosting companies are redefining their packages. Just as the internet is an ever changing industry so is hosting. With those changes come changes in hosting features and pricing.


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It is pretty evident to even the most casual observer that the internet has taken its place in today's world at the forefront of modern technology. People from every walk of life, from aging grandparents to business people, to small children, have discovered the internet as a necessary part of their daily experience. For some, it's a way of staying in touch, for others it is a form of recreation, but to still others it has become a crucial part of their business life. At some point, though, each of them realizes that a web site of their own can be a valuable asset in filling those needs.

What Every Web Site Needs
Every web site needs a hosting service, a domain name, and a way to build the site and keep it fresh with relevant content. This site was developed to provide access to all of those services. We have scoured the internet and reviewed literally hundreds out of the 1000's of hosting and domain registration services. We have received reviews from many individual users over the past five years, and have spent many hours summarizing the various claims and services offered. The sites which make our top 10 are among the best based on the expereience we have. But the internet changes daily and hosts come and go with alarming regularity. One who might be very good today, might be not so good, or not even be there tomorrow. Hopefully we can help keep you abreast of the changes.

Sorting Out the Web Hosting Claims
Obviously every web host claims to be great and wonderful. In actuality, however, that is rarely the case. Even the most professional service is going to have downtime, or a rude or careless support person at some point. And you might be the one to get them. Be patient -- the internet is like a child growing daily. But by all means, if you have an experience, good or bad, we'd like to hear about it.

Web Hosting Prices Have Come Down
One important thing to note. During the past two years, the webhosting industry went through a major purging, and it's still going on. Weaker services fell like dominoes while the most reliable hosts struggled to stay afloat. The net result was a cleansing which was good for the industry and the customer. The hosts that remain today are much more competitive in pricing and offerings, and they are a LOT more willing to work to keep your business. That's something we can all benefit from.

So good luck in your search. There's never been a better time to choose a web host. We hope what you find here will be helpful in making an educated choice.

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