Web Space Wars

Web hosting companies started out offering very little web space in their hosting packages. Many providers now offer unlimited data space, cheap web plans, and even free web space. Read on to find out more about the history of web space.


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As low cost web providers battle for customers and top directory listings, providers are increasing disk space allotments to extraordinary amounts. Just how far will low cost hosting providers go to beat the competition? 

Learning from History
Years and years ago when we began reviewing web service providers, a low cost provider offering 400mb of data space was a big deal. When the low cost hosting provider competition grew data space allotments increased to what we then called "a whopping 800mb". Now (3/46) low cost hosts are offering unlimited disk space for the same low prices as before.  The "unlimited web space" offerings arediffusing the web space war, the battle now is to offer the most up-to-date features at the lowest prices for shared hosting.  There are still plenty of free and cheap web hosts that base their package pricing on how much space you require, but with enough research you can find a host that offers unlimited space, for a reasonable price.

Webmasters are benefiting from this competition among providers and are receiving more disk space for less money than ever before. But will this trend continue? How far can web hosts go without raising prices or dropping from the competition? Only time will tell the answer to this question, but in the mean time we'll tell you which providers are the ones to watch in the disk space wars.

Hosts to Watch
Not all web providers are competitive enough, or have enough resources, to raise space allotments just because "everyone is doing it." However there are certain providers that have a history of trying to out do the competition. We've seen this again and again over the years, when one provider raises disk space allotments to be number one, other providers will follow to try to out do the competition. If you want to benefit from the web space wars watch for allotment, or any other web industry, changes from the following hosts. When one jumps in the lead the others may take the bait and raise allotments too:

  • iPowerWeb- As an authority in hosting, they have followed suit in offering unlimited space.  They don't usually offer the the best pricing, but they will certainly run specials deals to stay safe at number one.
  • Pow Web- Always striving to beat out iPowerWeb and others. PowWeb has increased disk space allotments dramatically in efforts to be the top. Pow Web usually starts by being the first to go out on a limb to raise space allotments, offer special discounts, or update features.
  • MidPhase- Currently a leader of low cost providers in resources (Unlimited) is jumping in with the "big boys" to be the best. When the competition is close, MidPhase is one to watch.
  • LunarPages- LunarPages started out with a huge amount of space, but since has happily drifted from number one to a secure seat just behind the leaders. Like iPowerWeb they will raise allotments, offer coupon codes or discounts, extra features etc.  just enough to remain in the top few.
  • Globat- Globat doesn't have the user base or advertising clout of the others so they will do anything to beat the top hosting providers, like offering unlimited space for $4.44!
  • BlueHost- Last, but definitely not least, growing from a sprout to a mighty tree in just a few years, BlueHost has become the one to beat. They are currently growing at a pace of about 20,000 new customers a month.  BlueHost has super low prices and the resources to offer users the most for the least- a power to contend with for other providers and a smart choice for users. (Unlimited for $3.95)

If you want to receive the most possible space for your dollar keep your eye on the above providers. And if one of the above, especially PowWeb, increases their space allotment watch for others to follow in the next weeks. As long as there is competition to be had the web space wars will continue and users will continue to benefit from beefier packages, space allotments and lower prices.

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