Tips for AdWords Success

InPart I, Instant Traffic with Google AdWords™, we discussed the pros of using AdWords and what AdWords is, Part II contains tips for making AdWords a success and outlines some cons to AdWords advertising. Learn how to make your AdWords experience a success.


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Potential AdWords™ Pitfalls
Knowing the benefits of using an advertising service is important, but even more significant is learning the disadvantages and pitfalls to watch out for.

AdWords™ Addiction- Because Google AdWords™ produces such fast results many advertisers get caught up in constantly checking position, changing text, tinkering with cost per click, and *Gasp* bidding wars. Too much of a good thing can be detrimental. The most effective AdWords™ users know and analyze which keywords and marketing text is working the best and then they relax and let rank happen.

Localization- Overshooting the mark in this area as well, Google AdWords™ connects world wide Internet users- sometimes too well. Often advertisers who aren't doing business globally wish to have their banners viewed in only certain parts of the world. While Google is working on this issue there are still some kinks in the system. So advertisers that receive top ranking had better be ready for the 'big time' and ready to have the business leave their backyard.

Heated Competition- Top listings for specific keywords and the subsequent cost-per-click are becoming more and more competitive as AdWords™ catches on. Some advertisers worry that the competition uses up their clicks maliciously to waste competitors ad budgets. While this is only an issue in cutthroat keyword categories it is an issue to be aware of.

Tips for AdWords™ Users
If you are already have a budget for online advertising there is no superior method, as far as return on investment goes, if you learn to use AdWords™ effectively. Here are a few tips to remember for making the most of Google AdWords™ campaigns:

  • Optimize your Ad and Site- The few words that you use in your text link ad will need to entice viewers to click on your ad rather than 4 or 5 others in the same "Ads by Google" banner. Learn to use dynamic marketing language that calls the viewer to action. Also, make sure the page viewers land on after they click has what they are looking for. This may mean using a page other than your homepage as your landing page. You've got one glance to convince them they've found the right site, or they have clicked the back button and you just lost the cost-per-click and a sale!
  • Test different ads and positions- Google will let you launch multiple ads at once. Try out a few and see which text produces the best results. Track and analyze if it makes a difference in your industry and keyword to be in the top spot, number two, or number six. You may not have to outbid the top spot to get great results.
  • Use negative keywords, especially if you are using broad matching. Negative keywords are the words that you don't want your ad to match. In the AdWords™ manager you do this by placing a negative sign before the word. Ex. "-free"
  • Don't use broad matching at first. This is where Google picks the keywords and their general keyword phrase counterparts for you. Unless you know right off which keyword phrases you want to eliminate from the broad match, using this tool prematurely can weaken your ad campaign results.

    While Google AdWords™ is only one of many possible methods of getting traffic to your web site, it is the best way to get fast results and maintain control over ad ranking, content, and keyword this article has all rights reserved and is copyright by 100 Best search match with relative ease. We hope this article will help you as you get started with your Google AdWords™ campaign. Give it a go. The most you could lose is $5.05.

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