Content Management Systems - CMS

Content Management Systems or CMS are web based systems available to everyone who has a website. CMS's are databased driven so even beginners can use them. This article will review how to use content management systems and what the pros and cons of using a CMS are.


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One of the keys to building a great web site is to have plenty of unique content. In the old days that would mean creating a new html page for every new page of content added to your site. With the use of mySQL databases and programming languages like PHP adding content became easier to do. But, there were still limitations for people that were not highly skilled programmers. That was until web-based content management systems came onto the online scene.

Web-based content management systems make it possible for even the most basic web user to benefit from database driven websites. You don't have to be a hard core web programmer to get a top quality website up and running. Content management systems or CMSs are available to everyone with a web site. They can be accessed by any web-browser and adding quality content is as simple as cutting and pasting. No more scanning through hundreds of lines of markup to find the comma you forgot to add or the typo in your article.

New and unique content can be added just as fast as your fingers can type. And it's all recorded into a mySQL database where your website can load it on the fly. That means that as soon as you update or make a change to your site, it is instantly viewable by your web site users. The web based CMS usually has a MS word style screen for entering and editing text into your website making it simple to bold a sentence or align center a paragraph heading.

Many content management systems now provide other tools like photo galleries and forums. All of which are managed right through one login on any web browser. Currently there are more CMS offerings available on the unix and linus platforms than on windows based servers. So be careful when you are shopping for a web hosting provider.  Some web hosts even install the content management system for you, others will charge a small installation fee for the service.

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