Non-Profit Sites

What is a non-profit website? How do you identify a non-profit site? This article will give you examples of non-profit sites such as education, religious, or government sites, and review some web host companies that offer free web hosting.


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Web sites that are not considered a business or personal website are often called non-profit sites. The most common visitors for non-profit websites are: education, governmental and religious institutions. For non-profits the internet can be a very valuable tool in spreading the word about their cause, and sharing ideas and info.

Spotting Non-Profit Sites
Non-profit sites can often be identified by their TLD, or URL, extensions. Some common non-profit adresses are .edu, .gov, and .org. While .org domains are available for general public registration, it is widely accepted as a non-profit domain. However, the .edu and .gov domain extensions are only available for registration under strict conditions and guidelines to maintain the integrity of the extension.

Examples of Non-profit Websites
Here are some possibilities of how a non-profit organization could make good use of a website:

Educational Website
No longer separated by oceans, scientists, located in various reaches of the globe, can communicate by forum, blog and email on a common website to share information, findings, photos and studies. By putting their minds together through the use of technology these professionals expand the work of science and make new discoveries.

Religious Website
Charged by their quest to share their beliefs with the world, the local church decides to build a website. They post meeting times, meeting locations, Q & A pages about their beliefs, contact information and forms, and photos and bios to get to know the clergy. Now they can share their message with more people and just hand out their website address to friends and family who want to know more through these non-profit sites.

Government Website
The city council votes to increase their tourism efforts by creating a website. Through their website this small town is able to inform guests and residents of happenings, special events, news, local business opportunities, city economy fast facts, tourist sites to see, and even advertise local businesses. City leaders have a forum to communicate with residents and this fast growing community is able to maintain its cohesiveness.

Web Hosts for Non-Profit Sites
If you are thinking of creating non-profit sites you may consider using a free host, such as Freeservers, 20m, or Netfirms. These web hosts will make your site live for no charge, and will put an advertisement banner or ad on your web site to fund the hosting. If your non-profit organization requires a more complex or professional site consider a paid web host like BlueHost or Globat. There are also some web hosts who cater specifically to non-profit organizations, like who host amateur sports team web sites for free.

Web Sites for All
Whether you have thought of using a website for a non-profit organization, a business, for your own personal use, or all of the above, there is no better time to get one started. While the competition of web hosts increases, the cost of hosting a website and 'getting online' are low as ever. Don't wait to get a website. It is a lot easier to build a website and get it hosted than you would imagine. If you have navigated yourself far enough to read this article, you definitely have what it takes to build yourself a website.

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